How to accelerate your post-transplant hair growth

When you’ve had your hair replacement procedure, you’ll naturally want to know how you can speed up your hair regrowth whilst protecting your scalp. The good news is that the right care can really help the effects of your hair loss treatment and maximise its efficiency.

1. Be gentle

The doctor at your hair clinic will provide medication and any required products after your hair transplant in London and it’s important that you use them consistently, as instructed, and that you are gentle with your scalp. Don’t shampoo your scalp until directed and when you do, be very careful with the treated area without using any rubbing movements and avoiding highly pressured water jets. When drying, simply pat your hair gently with a soft towel or air dry.

2. Focus on nutrition

Hair is made up of keratin which needs protein to generate in the body. Eat high-quality forms of protein and seek to maximise your vitamin and mineral intake with a broad spectrum of wholefoods, vegetables, fruits and good fats. Avoid sugar and junk food as far as possible. Drink plenty of water too and avoid any allergens which might lead to low-level inflammation. The right diet will show with healthy hair regrowth and a healthy scalp.

3. Don’t pick

As your scalp heals, you may notice a touch or scabbing or itching in the transplanted area. Just avoid the temptation to pick and scratch! If it really bothers you, contact your hair clinic for advice.

4. Rest

After your transplant, have a 7-10 day rest period without any exercise or sport. This will help your body to recover and to prevent any transplanted hair from coming away from your scalp.

5. Massage

When your doctor says that you can begin to manipulate your scalp again, you can enjoy a gentle head massage. Use a few drops of nourishing essential oils such as peppermint, sage and rosemary and add them to a 1tsp of olive oil. Gently massage the mix into your scalp with circular motions to stimulate hair growth and leave you feeling wonderful.

These steps will help with your post-recovery treatment and your doctor may also recommend further topical hair treatments which speed up healthy hair regrowth. Stay in touch with your clinic, look after yourself and enjoy the results of your hair transplant!