Covid Restrictions Update

At Chiswick Hair Clinic team we are really excited that we’re approaching the end of restrictions and many aspects of life are beginning to return to normal.

As before, our main priority is to protect our patients and team, and for that reason we have decided to keep our social distancing measures in place for the time being.

  • Our staff will continue to wear face masks throughout the clinic when in close proximity to others. We encourage patients to wear masks, however these are not mandatory.
  • Hand sanitiser stations will still be provided around the clinic and we kindly ask staff and patients to sanitise their hands regularly.
  • Track & Trace is now optional so our QR code will still remain in place for anyone who wishes to check.
  • We will continue to regularly clean surfaces that people touch
  • ensure a supply of fresh air

All of our Covid19 safety measures will be reviewed weekly. They are in place to protect everyone at the clinic and to ensure you feel safe whilst visiting. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

We look forward to seeing you soon!