Personal Story

I was around twenty-three when my own hair loss started, suffering progressively thinning hair. As is understandable, I, along with the thousands of others who have suffered from hair loss, saw a gradual decline in my confidence and self-esteem. With this loss, I found I became less outgoing and more conscious of my appearance in social situations.

During my early research into hair loss treatments, I became aware of selective criteria of the surgical procedures and the fact that not every type of patient is suitable. Certain factors involved in assessing patients meant it would be difficult for me to have a successful FUE type procedure. Despite the benefits of FUE and its suitability for many others, I had to be honest with myself, that FUE could not help me regain what I had lost.

Honesty was the first step in choosing the best for myself, I believe it is important to treat every patient who visits my clinic with this same honesty and clarity. Each patient is unique in their needs.

As a clinic, we will endeavour to perform everything we can to help those who come to us. As a company, we are committed to honesty and delivering that honesty in a service that strives to give you the industries best experience.

Professional Story

I started my cosmetic career working for one of the largest aesthetic chains in the UK, performing cosmetic procedures in 9 of their 24 clinics, including their flagship Mayfair store. I have since spent over three years working as a hair transplant surgeon in the renowned area of Harley Street.

I am extremely passionate about my work as a hair transplant surgeon. I believe in striving to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in whatever you do and delivering this ‘Gold Standard’ experience to each of my patients.

Central to this is experience is to focus on the priorities and needs of each of my patients. As a medical doctor, I am passionate that every medical business should be bound by the rules of the ‘Hippocratic Oath’, putting patients first with honest advice and guidance at their core.

Using what I had learned from my past experiences I was able to build an ethos that was truly in line with what my patients ultimately desired and deserved.

This core philosophy is what I have built my business on – delivering an honest, gold standard service.

Dr Iniekio is a full member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the General Medical Council.