Three things you learn when you have a hair transplant

Hair transplants and hair replacement treatments are becoming increasingly common. The practices and processes for follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants are developing and improving all the time, with the completed transplants looking far more impressive than it did 10 years ago. After speaking to some of our clients who have undergone a hair transplant at our Chiswick, London, hair clinic, we have created a list of some the surprising things people learn after they have the FUE hair transplant hair loss treatment.

Most people have no idea what a hair transplant is

Our clients have told us that many people they speak to about FUE hair transplants believe it to be either taking someone else’s’ hair and attaching it to their body, or removing hair from one part of the body and then attaching it to the head. This is not the case. FUE hair treatment involves plucking approximately 8,000 hairs from the back of the head, where the growth is naturally at its’ thickets, and re-inserting these at the front of the scalp, where the additional growth is needed.

Hair transplants really work

Despite medically certified evidence and countless satisfied customers, many new clients will naturally be unsure as to how successful a hair transplant will be. However, the results can be extraordinary, and can give you a new-found confidence. In short, our hair clinic only has the best hair loss treatment professions, who ensure that a great job is done for every client, every time.

And it does change your life

Noticing that you are losing your hair is a horrific experience. Our hair is a huge part of our appearance, how we present ourselves to the world. Looking in the mirror and realising that your hair is receding can be one of the hardest parts of growing older. However, a hair transplant can stop this, and even reverse it, giving you back the confidence and self esteem you thought you had lost for good.

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