Three reasons it’s beneficial to have your hair transplant in the UK

It can feel like the start of something amazing when you finally make the decision to go ahead with a hair transplant. There is, however, one more question that you must answer: where do you go for the procedure? As you look into your options, it’s quite likely that you might have your head turned by the option of going overseas. It’s important that you know how – despite the lures of discount treatment and a sun-kissed getaway – it’s actually in your interest to stay put for the procedure. Let’s look at three reasons it’s beneficial to have your hair transplant in the UK.


There can be vast differences in the procedure’s success rate depending on whether you visit a hair clinic abroad or in the UK. According to Dr. Greg Williams, President of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, this is because of differing regulatory guidelines. In 2015, he told Mail Online that overseas procedures ‘has led to us witnessing some horrific results’ including poor hair growth, density and direction, wide strip scars and donor site depletion from graft over-harvesting.”


The NHS recommends that patients can be back at work roughly three days after undergoing a hair transplant. Unfortunately, if you’re out of the country – and therefore faced with travel – this can impact how seamless it is to return to your responsibilities. You will more than likely be wearing bandages during this timeframe, making it much more preferable to rest and enjoy your home comforts rather than booking hotels and arranging flights home.


You might require a certain level of aftercare in the months and years following the procedure. This isn’t always practical help, but may instead just include the choice to meet with your doctor and discuss your satisfaction with the results, as well as being a chance to ask any additional questions you may have. It would be difficult to arrange such efficient aftercare if you choose to go abroad, meaning you might find yourself almost left in the lurch once the initial procedure is complete.

Make the right decision

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