The psychology of hair loss and how to cope

Losing your hair isn't just about how you look, it also affects how you feel. Hair loss treatment doesn't just include hair replacement or transplants, it's also an emotional journey.

Most cultures associate good hair with attractiveness and youth, so losing your hair can make you feel low and even cause stress and anxiety. It can also prevent you feeling confident in your professional and personal life, even stopping you enjoying social situations as much as you used to.

But there are plenty of ways to combat these feelings and get you feeling great again!

1. Hair loss isn't life threatening!

It may feel like the end of the world, but it is helpful to put hair loss into perspective. Remind yourself there are hair transplant remedies across London to bring back those luscious locks for both men and women.

Remember that people enjoy you for your personality, and as Dr Robert Brodell says, hair loss is only as difficult as YOU think it is.

2. Work with professionals to find what works for you

Whether you want to use fashion items or a new hairstyle to cover up your hair loss, professionals are there to help.

Or you can invest in FUE hair treatments for a more permanent solution. Every patient we work with feels more confident and better with their look once a treatment is complete. Plus having a consultation first will make sure the right look is created for you during a hair replacement treatment.

3. Look to the future

Hair loss doesn't have to be permanent, many who go through chemotherapy see their hair return after treatment. Plus it may be a temporary symptom of a medical or psychological disorder, often caused by stress.

Plus as new research is done, new treatments are created! This means that as medicine and hair transplants develop, they become more accessible to all types of people as well as looking more natural.

Hair loss doesn't have to mean a loss of confidence or a permanent problem. Book a consultation with one of our team to see how we can help you today.