Looking beneath the cost of hair transplants

If you’re reading this, the chances are you already know why male baldness and hair loss is such an important issue.

Much of our confidence and the feeling of being “comfortable in our own skin” can emanate from our general appearance. Having a receding hairline, bald patches or thinning hair can make a substantial dent in that.

The solution and the pitfalls

Fortunately, modern medical science has made it possible to undergo hair loss treatment that brings swift and very pleasing results.

For many men, this entails something called follicular unit extraction (FUE) which is painless and creates a natural look and feel.

However, this is where caution is needed. All those “dodgy” before and after photographs online and in male magazines hide a “hairy” truth. The cost of a poor hair transplant can be measured in more than a few pounds saved!

So, do you sign up for FUE hair transplant London specialists provide, or jump on a plane to get it done abroad?

The sad fact is that many overseas “clinics” oversell their experience and skills. Choose the wrong one, and it could be disastrous. Not just because you waste money. You could end up looking worse than you started - permanently.

Why the UK leads

In the UK – and more especially the Chiswick Hair Clinic London – there are three priceless attributes.

Firstly, UK medical procedures and treatments are tied to stringent codes and practices. If we don’t come up to standard, the repercussions are serious. Overseas clinics are largely unregulated and free to make unsupportable claims.

The second key factor in “cost v value” is that the UK leads on this. We have the latest technology and we are constantly improving results from evermore sophisticated methodology.

Cheaper options could well be a poor imitation or even years behind the UK.

Lastly, at the Chiswick Clinic you're in the hands of a medical professional. Dr. Iniekio has an enviable reputation as a hair transplant surgeon. He is backed by highly trained and caring colleagues at his Harley Street hair clinic.

It's vital, for a satisfactory result worth the price you pay, that you demand that level of care and expertise.

Working out the price you pay

The actual cost of hair replacement procedures depends on a wide range of factors. But perhaps the important question is, can you afford to get the choice of provider wrong?

Contact us for a no obligation chat about affordable hair transplants at the Chiswell Clinic, with no “free” nasty surprises.