FUE Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrow Hair Transpant

In an age where Cara Delevingne graces the cover of every magazine, eyebrows have become a crucial part of every woman’s beauty regime and practices such as plucking have become commonplace. Over plucking is one of the causes that can lead to permanent thinning of the eyebrows and for many people, drawing on a perfect pair can be a daily struggle. With FUE we aim to provide a solution to thinning brows by improving their appearance and fullness.

How do eyebrow transplants work?

Eyebrow transplants are very similar to FUE head hair transplants, a very popular hairline restoring treatment made famous by many celebrities, such as Wayne Rooney. In the case of eyebrows, donor hair is usually selected from an area of the scalp with easy access and a healthy hair production, such as the area behind the ears. Each hair follicle is individually selected and removed with all of the associated elements and placed on to the new area – in this case, the brow. The procedure is performed under microscope by an experienced surgeon trained in the specific procedure of eyebrow replenishment, and conducting the procedure under microscope allows for maximum precision to create the most accurate and symmetrical regrowth. This method of transplantation is relatively unobtrusive and has a very fast recovery time, resulting in a minimal amount of scarring. The implanted follicles will begin to develop into their new eyebrow form within a few months, and, after a year, should be fully developed and looking completely natural. As the hair has been transplanted from the scalp, it does not follow typical eyebrow growth patterns and will need to be trimmed regularly. For most people, this fits perfectly with their standard routine of plucking or shaping.

Who might need an eyebrow transplant?

The main reason for clients to undergo an eyebrow transplant is to replace lost hair in the brow region. There are many reasons that a person may have reduced hair on the brows, including through overplucking, illness, ageing, or simply genetics. Despite the reasons behind eyebrow hair loss many patients experience the benefits of treatment.


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