Four Top Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss

Most of the time, men can count themselves pretty lucky in terms of how little they have to worry about their appearance. We’re not denying that there is the odd day where you might wish you could wear a paper bag over your head to hide the spot of the century sprouting on your chin, or the angry-looking cold sore that’s erupted on your already-chapped lips, but you know that you have a lot less to worry about than women.

And then some men begin to lose their hair. It starts as a little more coming out when you’re in the shower and progresses from there to having an increasingly large bald patch when you catch a glimpse of the back of your head in the bathroom mirror.

It can be justifiably upsetting and hard to deal with, making you feel down and self-conscious about your appearance, to the extent that some men can become quite reluctant to date, socialise, or put themselves out there in general. But there are things that you can do to help the way you’re feeling. Here are just a few of them that you might like to try…

1: Realise how common hair loss is

As you read on, we’ll start to look at the practical solutions available to you, but firstly, we would suggest a slight alteration in the way you’re approaching things. Although it may sometimes feel otherwise, hair loss is actually very common amongst men, with nearly half of all males suffering from it, many of these under the age of 30. Because of this, there is less of a stigma attached to it than you might think, and even the people who do notice it are unlikely to pay much attention to your thinning pate.

2: Cut your hair short

Although your long, luxurious locks may once have been your pride and joy, shorter styles are much more flattering for those who are suffering from hair loss, helping to minimise how noticeable it is. Try taking it short on the back and sides so that the rest of your hair better blends with the thinning on top. A barber or stylist is the best person to consult, and should be able to help you find a new style that really does suit you – you're likely to end up looking better than you did before, and more confident to boot as you settle into a new style.

3: Avoid styling products

Heavy styling products are something else to be avoided, as they cause the hair to separate into strands that end up emphasising areas of hair loss. If you really need something to keep your barnet under control, we suggest searching for a nice, light product – one that will provide a firm hold without revealing your scalp. You might even want to try styling your hair when wet and then just spritzing on a little bit of spray at the end.

4: Consider a hair transplant

If you really are struggling to deal with hair loss, there's always an option available to you that will address the issue entirely. We’re talking about a hair transplant, of course. Available right here at the Chiswick Hair Clinic, we can restore your style to its former glory, turning back the hands of time and restoring your hairline (and confidence) to its former glory.

To learn more about getting a hair transplant in London, contact our expert team today.