Dr. Iniekio tells GQ readers everything you need to know about getting a hair transplant

Dr. Iniekio was featured in an article in GQ Magazine on hair transplantation. The article, written by David Levesley discusses the importance of finding a good surgeon, and what to look for in one.

Here is a brief synopsis of the article:

 ''Dr Iniekio said that redness, swelling and bruising are all normal: swelling will last between two and three days, redness – especially on the dome – usually takes a week to fade. “The thing that will last longer is bruising,” he said, “and can last between three and four weeks, depending on the person.”

Warning signs in aftercare, said Dr Iniekio, include: “any areas that become more painful. If weeks after you start developing pain in certain areas that could be because you have an infection in the area.”

That, said Dr Iniekio, is why it’s important to have a doctor who offers regular check-ups following the procedure. “There’s usually one within the first two weeks and then one normally at six months and finally one 12 months after the procedure.” Dr Somji added that you should expect two have two procedures over ten to 15 years to counter any additional hair loss.''


You can read the full article here.