Could a hair transplant revitalise your dating life?

Whether you're trying out your best chat-up lines at the local bar or perfecting your profile on OkCupid, it's normal to become hypersensitive to all of your imperfections when attempting to woo a potential partner: Does my stomach look too big in this shirt? Do these glasses make me look old? Is my bald patch obvious in this photo?

Some things just can't be helped, but there are a few actions you can take to improve your chances of securing that first date. As well as the obvious things, like investing in that swanky new suit and heading to the gym a few times a week, you may also want to consider hair replacement treatments.

Before you scoff at the idea, let's take a look at the facts. A survey conducted by found that most women thought their ideal man would have dark brown hair, demonstrating that investing in your locks can certainly up your progress on dating sites, where first impressions are always cosmetic and appearances definitely count.

This principle was put into practice by keen online dater Richard King, who tested his theory that women would be more interested in a man with hair by posting up two online dating profiles, exactly the same except that one included photos from before his hair loss treatment and the other only included photos taken after a hair transplant. The results speak for themselves: the post-treatment profile got 203 matches on Tinder, while the pre-treatment profile got just 116.

It's nice to tell ourselves that looks don't matter, but unfortunately for many, they do - particularly when it comes to dating. Of course, it's not impossible to meet the woman of your dreams even without undergoing hair loss treatment, but past experience shows that she's definitely more likely to say yes to dinner and a movie with you if you're sporting a full head of hair.

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