A guide to afro hair transplants

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated, with new technologies and procedures constantly developing to provide ever-better results. But many people are surprised to find that there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach when it comes to hair transplants. Each type of hair requires its own approach due to the differing nature of various hair types- particularly afro hair.

Previously, most treatments have offered the best results to Caucasian and Asian hair, which tends to be fine and straight. However, new developments are now offering excellent results for afro-Caribbean hair and its particular needs and characteristics.

Afro hair loss

Hair loss is very common in the African-Caribbean community, and it can be a sensitive subject for people who are prematurely losing their hair; whether as a result of genetics, illness, conditions such as traction alopecia or lifestyle factors such as stress.

About Traction Alopecia

This is one of the most common causes of hair loss and it occurs through the heavy use of chemical relaxers, tight braiding and hair extensions over time. Once the hair begins to fall out, it will not naturally regrow if the scalp and follicles have become damaged, and small patches of hair loss can grow larger and more evident as the condition progresses. This can be distressing for the individual, and sadly, use of extensions can make the problem worse.

Treating afro hair loss

Some men choose to shave their head entirely to disguise baldness, but the look does not suit everyone and isn't always appropriate. Women with afro hair will often wear wigs, but these can become uncomfortable and hot - especially in summer and when playing sports or exercising.

Effective new treatments

Happily, there is a better and more permanent solution to afro hair loss. An afro-hair transplant can help to improve your appearance and make you look younger, as well as boosting your confidence levels and self-esteem. It will allow you to enjoy your hair again, and to move away from damaging and often painful procedures that temporarily hide hair loss problems.

A complex procedure

The afro hair transplant is more complex than with a caucasian or asian hair transplant, because the hair shape is curled to the root. Only specialist clinics can carry out the procedure with confidence, selecting different approaches according to the client's unique needs, that can include FUE individual extraction and the FUT (strip) method.

The practitioner must also be skilled in the art of creating expert hairline shapes that match the unique characteristics of Afro-Caribbean hair, to extract the hair follicles without damage and to use the latest technologies that prepare the hair perfectly for implantation. He or she must also understand how to place each hair perfectly for the finished look.

A beautiful finish

The good news is that afro hair transplants have an excellent success rate because of the natural curl in each hair. This creates a dense, thick finish which looks full and natural.

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