5 Things you need to know about having an eyebrow hair transplant

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Eyebrows help to shape our face and our eyes. Well defined and full eyebrows not only enable us to express our personality and feelings, but they also help to give us confidence. When eyebrow hairs fall out, become thin or simply do not grow, then this can have a damaging impact upon our emotional health. One solution is to have an eyebrow hair transplant. Below we explore five things you need to know about this procedure.

1. What causes eyebrow loss?

There are many reasons why people suffer from eyebrow thinning or baldness. It may be due to over-plucking, which eventually results in permanent loss of hairs. Sometimes an accident, such as physical trauma or chemical burns, is the cause. Eyebrow loss may also be due to the ageing process.

2. Is eyebrow transplant surgery a permanent solution?

The good news is that eyebrow hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to hair loss. The transplanted hair will fall out, but in its place will grow another hair, and when this sheds another will grow in its place. It is a continuous cycle.

3. Where does the hair come from?

So, we know that hair is transplanted, but where exactly does it come from? Well, if only one eyebrow is damaged and needs transplanting, then hairs from the healthy eyebrow can be used. When both eyebrows need transplanted hair, then hair is usually taken from the upper thigh or from behind the ear.

4. What are the risks of eyebrow transplant surgery?

The side effects and risks that are associated with eyebrow hair transplant surgery are very few. It is possible for hair not to grow, but this is very rare. You may also experience slight redness or tenderness to the eyebrow area after treatment, but this will quickly fade. The procedure is carried out under a local aesthetic, so you remain awake.

5. When will I see results?

Don’t be alarmed when the transplanted eyebrow hair falls out at around five weeks, as this is normal. New hair will then begin to grow back, although full results won’t be seen until around ten months after surgery.

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