5 myths surrounding hair loss

There are so many myths surrounding hair loss that it can become difficult to know what is true and what is fake. Below we explore five common hair loss myths and why they simply aren't true.

1. If your parents lost their hair then you will too

Just because your parents lost their hair at an early age it doesn't mean that you will too. Hair loss is partly due to genetics, but this includes from the wider extended family and other factors are also at play. You may be more susceptible to hair loss, but it's not a given.

2. Thinning hair only occurs as we get older

This is simply not true. Although many people begin to have thinning hair, and lose hair as they age, many older people continue to have a full head of hair. It's also possible for young people to lose their hair as early as in their twenties.

3. Wearing hats results in hair loss

This hair loss myth is an old one and is completely untrue. It was believed that the hat prevented the scalp from receiving oxygen, and as a result, hair would fall out. The truth is that the scalp receives oxygen via the blood stream, so wearing a hat has no effect on hair loss.

4. Washing your hair daily will result in hair loss

Washing your hair frequently does not cause hair thinning and hair loss. People wrongly assume that washing is responsible as they notice that hair falls out when in the shower. It's actually normal to lose around 50 hairs a day, as new hair will grow. So, shampooing is not the cause.

5. Genetic hair loss only affects men

This is simply not true as hair loss affects both men and women. You are more likely to see bald men, but hair thinning and hair loss is also a common problem among many young women.

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