3 ways a hair transplant can improve your career prospects

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There are countless reasons to undergo the hair transplant that you’ve had your eye on for so long. Now let’s introduce another: your career. While it’s often personal factors that turn a man’s head to the procedure, it’s fair to say that there are also numerous professional benefits attached to having a hair transplant. Whether you’re about to step back into the job market or whether you are currently looking for a promotion, here are three ways you should find that your career prospects improve after undergoing hair loss treatment.

1. Professionalism

A man with long hair looks professional. This is according to Dove, who carried out a survey on the matter. Upon quizzing 2,000 people, Dove found that the general consensus was that men with luscious locks tended to look more professional than those men experiencing hair loss. Due to this, you could consider your new mane to be just as important as a swish suit or stylish tie.

2. Vibrancy

The workplace should be all about vibrancy and new ideas. Unfortunately, when you’re suffering from hair loss you’re more likely to give off the impression that you’re ageing and lacking in energy. On the other hand, you could potentially look much younger after undergoing your hair transplant – in the process allowing you to convey that sense of youth that’s so important in business.

3. Confidence

A hair transplant can lead to a much-needed renewed sense of self-confidence – something that’s important in all aspects of your life. In terms of work, however, a full head of hair can be just what you need to make you more outgoing in the office and to go after those jobs you’ve always wanted. With your self-esteem at the levels where it should be, you should find that others then find you more approachable and easier to work alongside – therefore improving your career prospects along the way.

It’s time to act!

It’s obviously very exciting to consider what hair loss treatment can do for your career, so be sure to act upon the impulse to undergo the procedure. Chiswick Hair Clinic can provide the best FUE hair transplant London has to offer, so be sure to get in touch to see how we can help.

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