3 common FUE myths debunked

There is no doubt that FUE hair replacement procedures are becoming more popular now. The sheer number of people who are beginning to use it to get back some self-confidence and self-esteem is steadily rising as the years go by. This is mainly down to more being known about FUE procedures and also celebrities undergoing them.

Of course, there are a lot of myths around FUE hair transplants in with all the useful information. Here are a few to clear up:

1 They are best to do with when younger

You may have heard that it is best to choose FUE when younger. This is simply not true! It is open to people of all ages, young and old. If you are bothered by hair loss then it is a great procedure to consider, whatever age you may be.

2 FUE is only for men

Another common myth around FUE transplants is that they are only for men. Again, this is just not true! It must be said that they seem to be more popular with men as it helps deal with the issue of receding hair which many males face. In reality though, this hair loss treatment is available to both sexes who may need it. Many women have their own hair loss issues which they need help to deal with for the future.

3 It looks obvious

As with any kind of cosmetic procedure, your main worry may be that it doesn't look natural when done. Although some have attached this to FUE transplants, it is not true. When done well and in a sensitive manner, the new hair growth will look totally natural and amazing.

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