2017 was the year men proudly declared: “I’ve had a hair transplant”

Once upon a time men just had to sit back and lose their hair without having anything in their power to stop it. Then – when there was an option to prevent going bald – the solution was almost too taboo to talk about. This all changed in 2017. There’s not only been a huge surge in men undergoing hair transplants, but it’s clear that people now aren’t afraid to admit when they’ve had it done. With this in mind, here are just three famous men who proudly declared ‘I’ve had a hair transplant’ in 2017.

Jake Quickenden

X Factor heartthrob Jake said ‘enough is enough’ when it came to his receding hairline in 2017. As a result, he underwent a hair transplant and shared the amazing results with his fans on Instagram in August. The reality star explained: “I've sorted my hairline out after years of insecurities, people might say your hair was fine and didn't need it, but after years of being really worried about losing my hair, I took the dive and did something about it!”

Alex Beattie

Alex became a household name after appearing on ITV’s hit show Love Island. With his newfound fame came an urge to improve his appearance – and he set his sights on hair loss treatment. Confessing to a hair transplant in October, he told The Sun: “I knew about this treatment and have always wanted to get it done but now I’ve the opportunity to afford to get it done.”

George Sampson

George danced his way into the hearts of the nation when he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2008. Sadly, all that spinning on his head left him looking a little bare up top. In 2017 he decided a hair replacement was the best option – before opening up about the procedure during a live interview on This Morning in August. He explained to millions of viewers: “Outside of my space in my own room I had no confidence issues but coming back home and looking in the mirror...”

Stand tall and stand proud!

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